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Gone with the Wind Dolls

Bonnie Blue Butler

There have been five Bonnie dolls made by the Alexander Doll Company.  - One set consisting of a 14" and 8" doll and one 14" with the Mary Ann Face and three four eight inch dolls. The set is titled "Strolling down Peachtree".

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Bonnie #16649 from the year 1995
Bonnie Blue - #16649
Scarlett Series - 1995

Bonnie #1305, a fourteen inch doll from the year 1989
Bonnie Blue (14") - #1305
Scarlett Jubilee II 1989

Bonnie #640 from the year 1993
Bonnie Goes to London - #160640
Scarlett Series - 1994 (8")

Bonnie #629
Bonnie Blue (8") - #629
Scarlett Series - 1992

Walter Plunkett's Costume Design
for Bonnie Blue Butler in the movie
Gone with the Wind

Walter Plunkett's design of Blue Riding Habit for Bonnie

Bonnie Blue (Cammie King) and her Daddy - Rhett Butler (Clark Gable).  Even though in the book, Bonnie is named for her blue eyes, Cammie had brown eyes.  Good lighting and camera angles kept people from noticing in the film.

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